Sophorolipids as Both Nostalgic and Innovative

The yeast producing sophorolipids was found around Canadian beehives in the 1960s. This yeast is closely related to the yeast that makes sake. Japan, experienced with the processes of fermentation, has been researching and developing the industrial use of vegetable oil as a raw material for the past 40 years. AIST is one such research facility. Our company was originally engaged in the afforestation business of oilseed plants for use in biodiesel fuel. But since 2010, we have worked with AIST to further increase the added value of vegetable oil. During this process, we established a commercial production technology for sophorolipids. In 2021, we obtained a domestic patent (P6954548) for a “Novel sophorolipid derivatives” and have since published an international application (PCT/JP2022/012536).

Other owned patents

(1)P6171229 “ソホロリピッドの製造方法および該製造方法により得られたソホロリピッドを含有するソホロリピッド含有組成物”
(2)P6697662 “ソホロリピッドを利用した油分回収方法”
(3)P6764232 “起泡性に優れたソホロリピッド含有組成物”


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